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Creepily accurate horoscopes are creepy

Frustrating delays in completing a project you’ve been working on might cause you to doubt your own skills. Be careful not to fall into this trap. There is nothing wrong with your skills. Take a good long look at what you’re doing and try to discern where it got hung up. Worries about money may cause you to consider postponing an activity that means a lot to you. Don’t. Use your innate ingenuity to work it all out.

Well there’s our house renovation project in a nut shell!

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Update for the Branch fans (cough cough Meghan cough cough)!

Sorry for the delay everyone, we’ve been without internet for a bit!  But, the house is so close to being finished (for the time being…) we can almost taste it!

Major progress happening in the kitchen!  The new opening has been trimmed and now it’s time to finish the cabinets!  We took off the doors (how is it that every single door had stripped screws), spackled the holes, stripped the peeling paint, sanded them down and primed all of them!  They’re getting a fresh coat of paint tonight, just in time for Papa Milazzo to come in town for another visit to help us hang the new doors and install the new cabinets (both of our parents have been lifesavers throughout all of this!).  We also painted the walls a pale blue.  Granite gets installed this Saturday and I can’t wait to see it all put together!

Our new dining table set came in and it looks beautiful with the new paint!  One day we’ll get a new chandelier, but for now we’re just thankful it wasnt brass like every other fixture in the house!  The new table came just in time to become our makeshift kitchen while we reface the cabinets!!

We also got our new bedroom set in, including the new bed which we (and Fattie) LOVE!  It’s a beautiful headboard we got on one of Joss & Main sales (invite link)!  Although it took awhile to arrive, the wait was worth it!  Please excuse the mess as we move out of the guest room and into our room!

Alex has also been making an insane amount of progress in the backyard.  I realize these are mid-progress pics, but it was just too overgrown to take a before picture!  We knew it had a lot of potential, we just didnt realize how hard that potential would take to achieve!  We were facing about 15+ years of pine straw and untouched bushes and weeds!  I joked that I secretly thought Alex was just sitting outside shooting the breeze because it didn’t seem like a lot of pine straw was being raked until I tried it myself.  You want a good workout?  Try raking 15 years of matted pine needles.  After 30 minutes of trying it felt like I had only raked a spot the size of a basketball!!  But the majority of pine needles, weeds and random bushes have been removed.  We still need to move some of the larger azela bushes, but hopefully it will be ready for grass seed this fall (and a new coat of paint on the shed!).

(Pine needle body bags!!)

The bathroom is nearing completion and I wanted to get a picture before the shower door was put on.  The tile still needs to be cleaned from the grout, but it’s looking beautiful!

We also replaced the light fixtures in the hallway and we’re turning an extra coat closet into an entry nook!  Sometimes, pinterest is great for inspiration!  We’ll be painting the table black and hanging a mirror above it.

Now we’re off to paint the bonus room because our new sectional arrives this week!  Can’t wait to lounge on it, especially now that we switched to Direct TV with their Sunday Ticket!  First game of the season is Bills vs. Jets, time for Fitzpatrick to finally conquer Sanchez (or perhaps Teabow?!)!

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Sorry folks, I know we’ve been quiet on here!

I promise we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs at home!  Here’s what we’ve been up to the past week…

We took a midnight trip out to IKEA to purchase our cabinets!  Of course IKEA is like Target in that you can’t leave without buying a ton of other things you didn’t plan on.  This is about 1/4 of everything (but check out the preview of our dining room!  The color is Sherwin Williams Hazel and I am in LOVE!):

The problem we faced with our kitchen expansion is we need to add 3 new cabinets.  Our current cabinets are so old that it would be impossible to match the doors of the new cabinets to the old ones.  BUT while they’re old, they’re actually in pretty good shape.  Ikea provided the best solution: buy the 3 new cabinets and buy matching doors and drawers to reface the remaining cabinets!  If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel on a budget, I suggest checking out some of IKEAs cabinets!  They ranked high on Consumer Reports, have a 25 year warranty, and have lots of cool features (like no slam drawers!).  We’re going with the Lidingo line, look at how cute it is (not our kitchen):


Back at home we’ve been making a lot of progress! 

We replaced the ceiling fan that we bought for the master bedroom that was way too big wth a smaller version (guest appearance by Alex’s Dad!):

We picked out our granite for the kitchen and bathroom, making it’s appearance August 18th:

We’ve done a lot of yard work, gutter cleaning, and tree trimming. Too bad our next door neighbors didn’t follow suit as the tree in their front yard split (we’re still not sure if it was struck by lightening).  Thankfully it fell towards the road and not their home:

Speaking of neighbors, we were shocked to find we don’t live in pleasant-ville because so far no one has come to our door with casseroles welcoming us into the neighborhood!  However, we’ll give them a pass since we haven’t even SEEN most of our neighbors, perhaps summer vacations?  But the neighbor whose backyard backs into ours came over with her cute beagle mix puppy (I thought it might be a bit awkward if I asked her if I could take a picture of him for the blog) and welcomed us to the neighborhood!  The next day she left us a sweet welcome note in our mailbox with the contacts for her plumber, electrician, pest and repair guys and information on our neighborhood’s webpage and garden club!  Hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll meet more of the neighborhood! 

Some furniture gets delivered this week, the dishwasher gets installed (oh my lord I can’t wait to stop washing dishes by hand #spoiled) and we’ll be building the 3 cabinets this weekend!  We’ll post progress soon, and I hope all of you are having a great week!

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This weekend…

Lord, I can’t move my body.  Thank god I took today off to do more house work!  Mine and Alex’s parents came in town for the most hellish productive 48 hours of our lives!  We hooked up our fridge, range, hood, dishwasher, washer and dryer, fixed our screened in porch door, sanded the deck, installed all new doorknobs, and painted FOUR rooms and two hallways.  Yep.  It was exhausting, but at least the house is coming together and we can start to unpack more!  

Also our contractors are all here working and while they’re all super nice guys, I just want them to leave so i can take a nap. 

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Top 10 things we’ve learned this first week…

  1. Always hire movers, or be prepared to live the rest of our lives in this house.
  2. We are not DIYers.
  3. We are not handy.  Ok Alex is protesting this one.  I’m not handy.
  4. Youtube makes things look a lot easier than they are.
  5. Same with pinterest.
  6. In fact, the entire internet should be sworn off until we finish everything.
  7. When you buy a house, have a few thousand extra on top of your down payment.  Those doorknobs, yard tools, smoke detectors, shower rods, etc add up very fast.
  8. Those things that you think you’ll change because they aren’t your taste?  They’ll probably never be changed because there’s too many other things that have to be changed.
  9. Check for blinds on the windows before you undress (hi neighbors!).
  10. Only live with someone you could never think about murdering because the stress of it all will push you near that point with anyone around you (I’m very lucky here, love ya babe).

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Construction begins today!

We got a great deal on our house.  A really great deal given the location and size.  However, with great deals comes the reason it’s a great deal.  While the house is perfectly functional and in good condition, it’s very dated.  So, instead of buying a house at the top of our price range with some upgrades already in place, we decided to purchase a house that we could upgrade to our liking! 

I can’t wait to share pictures throughout this journey (If my droid would stop deleting/not saving half of them…)!

Until then, goodbye dated kitchen!  Please ignore the trash and mess while we unpack!

Goodbye horrible shower (and entire master bath, too bad those pictures didnt save gerrrrr)!